*Email Coaching

Great for those who want a private coaching technique and those who would rather communicate via email as it keeps your session more detailed and super private.

*Discovery Call:

This is a 25 Minute  discovery call. This will allow me to access your needs and desires. We will also use this time to determine your goals for life coaching.

*Power Call:

Great for past clients who still need assistance on their journey but have completed their full 1:1 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months or 5 week group coaching program with me.

This is also for the woman who is pretty sure of herself and need a reminder and a guide to keep her in a place of Self-Confidence, Self-Awareness and Winningship.

*Unclear to Unlimited

( 6 week Coaching)

This program is great for clients who: #1 realize that there is some past trauma as well as some current set backs that are keeping her Struggling, Stagnant and Settling in her life. This 6-week program will allow us to work closely together and dive deep into issues in order to shine a light on those issues in order to move past them and learn techniques that will allow you to continue to win.

**** only taking 5 clients within a 6 week time frame****

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